"Traffic Builders People is process driven, delivers custom made results and is proven to be objective."
Joost van Deursen - Directeur van Traffic Builders People
“Traffic Builders People doesn't use an existing database, but delivers new candidates that actually fit the job".
Smitha Ayer, Manager Global Fashion Retailer

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At Traffic Builders People we work ambitiously for our clients in among others (fashion) retail, healthcare, hospitality, media, logistics and business services every day, both nationally and internationally.

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My name is Joost van Deursen and together with Wolter Tjeenk Willink I founded Traffic Builders People. Our niche and passion? Recruitment & Selection, Interim and Executive search of Digital Marketing Professionals. Together we bring 16 years of experience and genuine knowledge of our field to the table. We would gladly help you with your staffing matters.

Traffic Builders People is the little sister of the online marketing agency Traffic Builders, which has been voted as the best online marketing agency in the Netherlands several times. With our 16 years of hands-on experience in recruitment and online marketing, we stand at the ready to help you with your recruitment and selection challenges, either in an implementing or an advising role.

Joost van Deursen,
CEO Traffic Builders People

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Sister company Traffic Builders was founded in 2001 and was voted the best Dutch agency in the category search engine marketing by Emerce 100 in 2010 and 2014. The expertise knowledge about Digital Marketing that we’ve gained over the past 16 years is the foundation for our vision and work methods.

We work with ambitious clients in order to realise their online marketing ambitions. We would be thrilled to hear about your online ambitions, and work together as partners to realise them. We will contact you within one work day to provide you with a free, non-binding advice on how to realise your ambitions.

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